Shooting the Parents

My parents are some of the most light hearted, live in the moment people I know. Sometimes I come home after clubbing and they are still out or having a drink with their friends. On Friday, my mom asked me to shoot her and my dad and their best friends. We did some solid poses for everyone individually but when I got them all together, things went a little crazy. I’m glad I have such great parents, I had a blast making them do some of the most hilarious things. -justinelement

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My First Official Blog

Last night I spent hours trying to figure out this whole blog phenomenon. I’ve seen regular onsite blogs and I even own a blogspot of which i post my daily photo quotations from favorite movies or television shows ( but obviously i dont know how to even connect the site to my domain name. Actually I can’t even begin to comprehend how a blog site is connected to a domain name considering you do all the coding and blog posting on the third party site! But countless times i’ve seen professional blogs, amateur coders, and professionals who know nothing about coding (with money to spend on these fancy sites) – conjure up the most beautiful photography based blogsites. So I decided to start this journey while I have one more solid day of vacation before my life becomes too busy to ever relax like this again. This is what I’ve discovered (for all of you that know nothing about blogs like I technically still do).

A wordpress blog can be used through wordpress, OR it can be downloaded as seperate files and uploaded into your FTP, scratch that, some of you dont even know what FTP means right? well you can upload the files into your website server (which holds all your files online). YAY, so I download the files and go through the grueling process of trying to figure out how to upload files. Eureka, Dreamweaver to my rescue. After learning how to configure my website (looking and researching various web help online, go google) I was able to create a login system on my website through wordpress. :) With the hard part done, I dove into the WP Themes world and learned how to utilize new themes and activate them. Welcome me to the world of widgets and blogrolls. What you see now is my work paid off… I know its nothing great and I hope to create greater things in the future, but for now, for a long while, this will do. Awesome theme, easy to use, and little editting needed.

So wish me luck, please stay in touch, and bookmark my blog. I’ll have a quote page that I’ll post new quotes up, it wont always be crazy famous people, it may just be friends that say some inspring stuff.

Take Care.

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