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Brenda + Colin || Married || The Victorian, Santa Monica

Brenda and Colin, through our entire wedding media process, have found a way into our lives. They’ve truly become good friends, to the point that I probably don’t interact with anyone more on facebook then Brenda ;) We have a ton in common and pretty much rule social media. So you could imagine that coming into this wedding I already knew it was going to be a blast. Brenda and Colin from the get-go already knew what I was looking for in terms of how to pose, how to interact with each other, and how to just plain ham it up for the camera (Mainly because they’ve graduated the JustinElement school of posing by having the most engagement sessions I’ve done with a couple ever – I still need to get them their certificate!). Like I said before, if I were to create a Posing 101 video, these two would be the star demo models! Their rehearsal dinner and wedding day was nothing short of fun. I love the energy they gave me and I’m sure you’ll feel the same vibe as well. Take a scroll down and please enjoy!




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