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Rowena + Miguel | Engaged | Manhattan, New York

It feels like so much has happened since I took my trip to New York last month but yet it was only a few weeks ago. I have a stack of photos on my computer to get working on for my personal work, but that’ll have to take a backseat till the wedding season slows down a bit. New York was such an amazing experience. I spent a few days in the city by myself just walking around and getting to know how things move over there. I spent half the days in the subway and the other half shooting everything and anything. With some great company, fine new york dining, and curious street photography, it was a whirlwind experience.

To top it off, I got to shoot Wena and Miguel’s engagement session. We met up at Eataly, Mario Batali’s bistro in the Flat Iron district, had a great lunch and took off shooting. We made stops at the Highline, Chelsea, and Brooklyn. There were so many places we could have visited but ideas were so easy to come by, we never stopped shooting at the places we found. All in all I had a great, very long, but amazing day and I loved the photos we got. Here is about half of the set, and just some of my favorites from the session.

Can’t wait to come back here again with Gaby. I owe her a trip. :) Please enjoy!



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