Richard, Claire, and Makai

A good friend of mine referred me to his sister and her husband Claire and Richard who just gave birth to their newborn baby boy Makai. Makai is still getting use to the new world and I was able to shoot him during the few times he was awake. Makai soldiered through an entire hour of shooting. Claire and Richard chose to go with the NewBorn Baby Set: 4 Sets of 1 hour shooting at Birth, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.




Richard and Makai


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This last couple weeks I was able to take pictures of various different stuff that I didnt have time to put into seperate blogs. I thought today I’d stick all of them into one blog and just let the viewers enjoy the various events this week. So other then the complete random stuff, theres some work at the school studio with barndoors/headlights, some stuff at my at home studio, the new baby mathu ly, some osano family pictures, and some pics me katrina and I during their composites. Pretty random i’d say. :)



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