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Rachelle + Jason | Engaged | Long Beach Pizzeria & Mai Tai Bar

Twenty five years from now, when you look back at your wedding photos you probably won’t remember every detail. You might catch yourself saying “I remember when we did that!”. And ofcourse that’s what wedding photos are for. But what about your engagement session? Everyone looks back at their engagement photos and sees photos of themselves, happy, fun, moments in their lives. But what kind of lasting impression do you keep from those photos? Its been a big part of my photography to always make sure your engagement session reflects who YOU are and what you do, enjoy, or even just spend a lot of your time doing. I love, I can’t even stress this enough, getting to know each one of my couples and finding out about their lives, passions, dislikes, and creating a lasting friendship. It sounds really cheesy but its the honest truth. Thats why I think my photos always have such a personal touch to them, lots of close to the heart, personal moments that reflect who you are. Rae and Jason were a little easier to get to know since I’ve known them for the past 8 years or so. It wasn’t hard finding out where to shoot and how to do it with these guys, so you can imagine the locations we chose were very close to their hearts. Thanks again to the Mai Tai bar staff and the Deli News owners for letting us shoot and ofcourse to Rae and Jay for trusting me with your photos. Please enjoy!



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Nora von Ubin - 06/11/2012 - 6:39 pm

How beautiful is happy! They are precious! What a wonderful display of the happy couple! Congratulations!