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Melissa + Elmer || Engaged || San Diego, CA

Most couples will want their photographer to have shot at their location or venue in the past, experience is nice, it’ll make sure they use their time most efficiently and reduce any stress involved with finding great shots. But to tell you the truth? New locations are always the most fun because there isn’t a nagging thought in the back of my head constantly telling me to “keep doing something new!” because everything i’d do would be new and there would be no self competition. Thats exactly how I felt at this shoot with Melissa and Elmer, freedom to do what I want, shoot where I pleased, jump on a boat and zoom over to the other side of the lake or just take our own little section of Extraordinary desserts. It was definitely fun, a little adventurous, lots of rule breaking, and tons of unexpected. I’m pretty sure Melissa and Elmer thought I was joking when I first said to run through the water. Water stains? We’ve got the power of photoshop :) Anywho there were WAY too many photos I fell in love with and got to play around with some ideas. Check out the water reflection shot at the waterfront, you might see something different in the photo. I hope they frame and print tons of these, I couldn’t pick which was my favorite. Let me know yours! Please enjoy!


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