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JustinElement Productions Promo Film

It’s been five years exactly this month since I’ve decided to start this company and I had no idea where it would be headed. Now five years later, I have this amazing team that I can rely on to dive into the future by my side, things like creating this video, booking up a year full of weddings year after year, starting a photobooth company, I couldn’t have done without. This new video that opens our website at, shares our services and personalities first hand.

If you don’t really know us but have been secretly admiring our work from afar, we hope this film can share with you just a little preview of what its like to work with us, our style, our personalities, our complete love for our work. Its never a dull moment and its always a party. Our photography is more than just taking photos, its about creating a relationship with you and finding your element :) Please enjoy!




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