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You probably have a ton of questions? You might find an answer here, if not please shoot us an email or call and we’d be happy to assist.

Who is on your team?
Your main photographer would be Justin and his team of experienced camera persons who have trained and assisted with Justin for the last few years. All photos are finalized and edited with the same JustinElement style regardless of which photographer took it. We have a team of second shooters and assistants that all have been trained in our process and together we make your Professional Film Brady Bunch.

What do you give us?
The entire base package as well as additional services comes with everything you need. Other than our team coming and giving you out best creative and most dedicated service possible, you receive a download of all your images, high resolution, edited with the JustinElement style you’ve seen on our portfolio, the download easily accessible from home, a private or public gallery of all your edited images, and all personal print reproduction rights to your images. If you’ve booked cinema with us, you receive the video files 1080p via digital download which you can download from home while snacking on some popcorn and cola.

How long will it take?
After all is said and done, 8-16 weeks (usually sooner) after your love story, engagement session or wedding you’ll get all your high resolution images with printing rights, fully edited for best overall enhancements, exposure, sharpening, and color balance, in accordance with the JustinElement style of editing. Most of the time you’ll get it sooner. No hidden charges, minimums, or required purchases for prints, you get everything. We even throw in a video montage of your photos as a free gift. We usually aim for around two-three solid months, that way we all get our work done faster and get a good sleep at night. Our real goal is usually around 1 month though. If you upgrade to a Same Day Edit, it will be done the night of your wedding. Your wedding film may take a little longer since it requires more attention, but rest assured it will be done.

How many times do we have to go to your office?
In today’s world, we don’t even have to meet face to face. We can send you everything you need via email and talk details over skype. BUT for all you old fashioned folk who like that personal contact, we can make an exception. ;) The honest answer is usually ONE. Make it two if you take us to dinner and a movie ;) The first time is to consult and finalize a contract. Everything else can be discussed over email or over a casual phone call. We also see you at your e-session and wedding. Shoot us an email today and see how lightning fast we respond! Seriously :D

How do payments work?
Once you book us, we ask for a 40% deposit and the remaining payment split evenly before your wedding date. If you’d like to pay in full, you’re more than welcome to, we promise we won’t twist your arm.

What equipment do you fly with?
The team uses Canon gear only and we run anywhere from three to five cameras. Why? Because the more cameras you have, the better you are! No just kidding, it’s because it’s what were use to. No tricks or anything up our sleeves. We mainly work with Canon 5D mark IV bodies, the L series lenses, off camera strobes, video lights, tripods, monopods, sliders, gliders, and a plethora of triggers and wizards to be specific. If all that information goes right over your head, then all you need to know is that you can rest assured were flying with the top of the line gear, nothing less for your big day.

How long are the engagement sessions?
The typical engagement session runs for about 2.5 hours. We can end up shooting a bit longer depending on the light and what our location gives us, but usually by the two hour point, your faces can start to hurt from all the laughing and smiling. If you didn’t realize yet, you’re e-session is going to be full of laughter and awesomeness; be ready!

Can we do our love story at the same time as our engagement sessions?
We recommend it! Get ready once and do your interviews, have a party, and do your e-session all at the same location. It makes things that much easier.

Do you give us the digital negatives or raw files?
Digital Negative files are extremely large files that are only openable via the correct programs or applications. Because of this we usually pick all of the best photos from the day and offer you at least 600 photos from your day. Many times we’ll be giving you 700++ to even 1200 photos depending on how long your day is and how many shooters we have. We give you each file in high resolution as well so you won’t ever need a reason to have the digital negatives or video files.

Do you offer photobooths?
YES! The pride of photobooths is here at – Check out our photobooth fleet and our unique style of photo studio booths. We have on the spot prints with customized designs. It doesn’t get any better than this. We even give you a 4gb flash drive with all your photos to take home the day of your event! Visit our Photobooth Website  for more information

Do you work with any preferred vendors?
We love working with vendors we’ve worked with in the past. Check out our vendors tab and see who we love.

Do you visit venues beforehand?
Sure! Normally though we’ve found that the venue appearance changes drastically depending on the time of day and the weather. If you look at a location and the clouds are out or its closer to sunset, we’ll find tons of great opportunities. If we come back and the sun is out and shadows are everywhere, the same wall we loved, may be to bright to even consider. Because of this we love coming a little early on the day of and scouting our locations. This has proven to be the best solution for knowing and predicting the best kodak spots for our photo and film.

How far do you travel?
As far as you need us to! We may need a lift or a place to stay for any weddings outside of immediate Southern California area, but were happy to work that all out. We just found our passports in the shoe box underneath our bed and are ready to use them. For you number junkies, we charge a $2.00 gas and mileage fee for the total round trip distance for locations over 30 miles away from Anaheim CA.

Hope that answers all your questions! If you’re ready for a price quote or consultation shoot us an email and we can get the ball rolling.

-The Justin Element Team

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