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Best of 2013 || Engagements

Hi friends,

2013 has been a wonderful year. That in itself, an understatement, this year has become a pivotal year in my life as well as the growth of what this business has become. This year we officially released our services into videography with Kevin Truong heading up the videography development booking our first videography wedding with musical stars Carissa Rae and Michael Alvarado. Soon afterward, we opened up shop in Tustin, CA at a beautiful 1000+ sq ft showroom space at the Bridal and Event Lounge. Our grand opening was a big success and we love having a place to showcase all of our work from wall to wall. A few months after that I was blessed to find and purchase my very first home and move completely in, with the complete first time home owner stress and all. I’ve never started as many new endeavors so close together in my life, but every year since I decided to step away from accounting and put on a photographer cap instead, has been full of surprises. What this has become, a Production company striving to create a connection through unique, genuine, heartfelt, and impressive images with photo and film, couldn’t have become what it is without YOUR help, YOUR support, YOUR belief and love. Thank you for continuing to root for us and share our work, every like, every mention, every smile – it is constantly appreciated. Thank you God for all the blessings, we’ll be back with newer, stronger, and more impressive work in 2014, so many ideas in motion, and I am excited to share the journey with you.

Happy New Year 2014 friends – Please enjoy.


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