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Natasha + Michael || Maternity Session || Downtown Los Angeles, GymBox

This one’s a fun one. I met Natasha right when I got into photography. I started working for an amazing photographer in Hollywood named Pete Tangen. Pete focused on high end studio work from A to Z and I’m sure you’ve seen alot of his work. He did the movie posters for many super hero and horror movies like Batman Begins, Thor, and Spiderman, just to name a few. While we were on set for a shoot, I was able to meet Natasha who was interviewing our cast. Natasha gave me a few boxing lessons and we traded quick life stories over that weekend and went on in our lives. Luckily Natasha and I kept in contact since then through trusty facebook and we were able to reconnect. It’s really hard to just describe Natasha and Michael in words, they’re just more than two amazing people, you’re drawn to them and their story like a moth to a flame (you know without the whole burning your wings part haha) but seriously, it was a pleasure reconnecting with Natasha and seeing their passions pour out. I loved their place, the brick walls, and the mid downtown LA feel of everything. They really spilled themselves into these photos and I’m glad I can share their souls with you all. Please enjoy as I did. :)

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