September Love

September was a great month. It was full of family, friends, organizations, and projects. For me it was also finals week, (which was followed by one of the most relaxing, underwhelming weeks of my life), but back to finals week, taking to action in my photography class, I set out to shoot love in multiple aspects of life. Here we can see love in many ways, through symbolism, metaphors, or even the literal. I was able to work with many friends and make many new friends on this adventure to find LOVE. Because Hugh Grant’s hunch was right: Love actually is all around. -justinelement

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rona - 10/11/2009 - 2:49 am

yay lovejuice<3

Hikari Murakami – Kaba Modern and Kreative Movement

Hikari Murakami, a senior dancer in Kaba Modern and one of the directors of the youthful team Kreative Movement, came to me to get her headshots for her endeavors in the dance industry. We ended up taking some of the most fierce pictures i’ve seen of any dancer. Make sure to remember her name because in a couple years you’ll see her up there with the stars. -justinelement

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Shooting the Parents

My parents are some of the most light hearted, live in the moment people I know. Sometimes I come home after clubbing and they are still out or having a drink with their friends. On Friday, my mom asked me to shoot her and my dad and their best friends. We did some solid poses for everyone individually but when I got them all together, things went a little crazy. I’m glad I have such great parents, I had a blast making them do some of the most hilarious things. -justinelement

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