New Years Resolution

I think one of the most important things a photographer needs to do is just shoot, shoot for fun, shoot anything, and I’ve totally put that off for a while. I love shooting and to imagine I use to shoot everyday, to now, only shooting once a week. This week (my last week before school starts) will be good to just really catch up, edit some pictures, and shoot things I enjoy. After shooting these debut practices, I can really see that wedding/gala photography is where I belong. I like families, love, couples, and the excitement. and I can’t see myself doing product/Editorial photography as a career. So this next month, I’ll be shooting alot more, trying to new compositions, capturing that CANDID emotion, and holding true and honest to the moment. I’ll be editting much more, playing with colors, color balance, artistic design, and overall aesthetic. I’ll be honing my services and offering the top of the line outputs. Its all for the betterment of my new years resolution: :) Make it, and don’t let anything stop me.

I’m really glad i’ve been able to shoot these debuts and the opportunities, I know exactly where I’m headed now and I’m very optimistic. Here are some pictures of my new years day with the family :)

Jason and Jonah are growing up so well, Jason beat his daddy at Wii Boxing, he was so into it. Jonah erased my entire dry erase board, leaving Gaby to try to relist everything on the calendar. Thanks hun.


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Regina’s Court Shoot

This holiday has been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog alot. So here’s the scoop, as some of you may know, I’ve been hired to do more debuts this winter. My parents and church friends I grew up with all seem to have sisters and daughters that are turning 18! And God blessingly have been coming to me to be their photographer. Debuts are great things to photograph and some of the most fun I can have shooting is during the court photoshoots. The third one for I’ll be shooting is for long childhood friend and neighbor Regina Nufable whose debut is coming up on January 29. It was really fun shooting these guys and just messing around picking great spots and really just trying new cool compositions.

I’ve been pretty busy pumping out the outputs for these debuts but nevertheless i will find time to shoot. Cheers!


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Roman Cho’s Movement Series

One of my professors at school asked me to help him with a series he’s doing based on “movement”. He’s using the LaBesse Gallery in Culver City as his studio where we set up pre lighting Sunday. Roman has really helped me get into the photography community and I wanted to show him my appreciation by helping him out. I was also able to get two of my friends, PAC Modern alumni, to help sit in for him, Philup Cariaso and Jennifer Jane Antonio. They came with me on Monday to the shoot and really worked the floor. Amazing dancers with an incredible amount passion for what they do, something I can really relate too. The images were amazing at the end, and Roman let me use his set up to take some pictures also, moreso of Philup and Jennifer just messing around, but they were great pictures. You can see Roman’s work at and his series will be displayed in the LaBesse Gallery next year. If you would like to be part of the series and can move and work it, please let me know so I can forward you over to him.


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