Headshots Headshots Headshots

Alyssa Khim Thomas and her mom Tevin came by my studio  today to get some headshots done for Alyssa. Alyssa was the most well behaved four year old girl i’ve ever met. She was one of the best kids i’ve worked with too, always smiling, and listening intently. She has done many auditions and jobs in the past for many companies, Osh Kosh being one of them. Alyssa is such a sweet little girl, i’m glad her pictures came out so well :)


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Socal Photog Shootout

So that about does it for my socal photog shootout photos from last thursday, i had an awesome time thanks to the team of leaders and all the friends i’ve met. All of you that i’ve added and added me, I hope that we always keep in touch and our work only gets better as our eyes and skills progress. Keep shooting, keep doing what you love, and ofcourse share your work. Let me know if you ever need anything in the future. For all the models and everyone that helped in someway, thank you for volunteering your time, i absolutely love the pictures as i hope you do to. Now all i gotta do is update that portfolio :)

Here are a few leftover pictures i didnt throw in any other blogs, Hope you like them! Keep shooting, keep bookmarking, and think of me the next time you know someones getting married! -justinelement


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Sarah and Derek’s Engagement

Sarah and Derek’s Engagement was another session I shot last Thursday in old town Pasadena. This was a really fun shoot because this time we got to run around everywhere and get these guys in mid moments. Once again I left it to humor and awkward moments to really strike the element in them. It was sooo fun, eventually everyone started saying the silliest things. One person even told them to lick each other. Oh boy, it was a great shoot and Sarah and Derek were a great couple to shoot. Gavin and Erin Wade led this cool session which had great sunsetting light. :)


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