The Cindy Pingol Debut PREVIEW

Yesterday night, January 23, 2010 Cindy Catherine Maniti Pingol celebrated her impressive and beautiful 18th birthday debut. 25 tables, over 200 guests, a Chinese and Filipino buffet, and a light and decoration redesign of the Cerritos Senior Center altogether made this night so incredibly extravagant. I guess i’m just trying to say that i was thoroughly impressed by the mulititude of time, effort, and talent put into this celebration. Cindy looked absolutely gorgeous and her court and team of family and friends executed a perfect program.

About 2 months ago Cindy and her mom asked me to cover the debut, I was privileged to work with her court and take them on a pre debut shoot. I was able to make them 2 slideshows, a large frame for guest to sign, a personal guestbook, and cover the entire debut even before arrival. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Happy Birthday Cindy, Gaby and I had a blast these last two months and were glad we’ve made so many new friends. I hope you love your pictures!


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KYR Apparel

Know Your Roots Apparel asked me to shoot their 2010 new releases for their clothing line. KYR is a Filipino based apparel company that you can find at many Filiipino events. Their designs are based on Filipino culture and promote and educate Filipino culture through their shirts.

The KYR Apparel project is a continuous project. Here are four T Shirts that they sell and you can find on their site I’ll be doing more in the futrure, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. Thanks to my models, Sammie, Gaby, and Leia. Gaby on Warddrobe and Matt Kruger for assisting.


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California clothing brand Know Your Roots promotes Filipino culture « loQal – Home and Living | Philippines - 07/01/2010 - 3:59 am

[…] He also has hoodie shirts and sweaters with distinctive Filipino images and texts. Photographer Justin Element did some professional shots for KYR’s 2010 shirt […]

Lara turns 18

Saturday night Lara celebrated her 18th birthday at the Reef in Long Beach. Lara and her court of 9 couples performed her cotillion dance and continued the long Filipino tradition of the debut and I was privileged to follow her court and her family through the preparations and planning of this huge event. I supplied Lara with a personalized guestbook with pictures of her family and herself in it, a large 22×28 frame for her guests to sign, 2 wonderful slideshows, and personal shoots for all of her events, from rehearsals to portraits. It was a pleasure working with her family this last month and meeting all of her friends. Her court was wickedly cool and I had an incredible time getting to know them and dancing with them.

After the debut we all went back to her house and played Chester’s 3 word game, which if you ever find yourself chillin w/ me, should totally find out how to play. Got home at 5am got a great nights rest after a great days work. Happy Birthday Lara! I hope you love the pictures, here’s a few…


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