KYR Apparel: Sports Preview

KYR Apparel has come to me to shoot much of their new 2010 designs and I was happy to take up the challenge. Last weekend at Sportsfest our softball team put on the KYR shirts and owned the look. Here’s a preview of much more pictures comings soon to this blog near you!

Thanks to models  Johanna Posadas, Brandon Clores, Marilei Denila, Christian Carnaje, Jonathan Wong, Breanna, and Amanda.


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Outdoor Graduation Photos Special!

So its about that time again when all us high school and college students start graduating and moving on in our lives, but our parents want some really generic pictures of us to hang on our stair case wall or to put over our TV in the living room or fire place. Well guess what, I don’t do those photo makers pictures of backdrops and stiff smiles pictures. (i could though, but wheres the fun in that!?) I’d rather take the graduate out in their own territory, school, or location, and take some fun, interesting, aesthetically and viscerally appealing photographs. Were talking about jump for joy, smile like heaven, and laugh like nobodies watchin’ photographs, in any location you want.

Soooo, I’m hosting another special for that exact thing!  The special is for this April and May only but inquire and I may extend to June, and is based on availability so inquire soon!

Outdoor Grad Special:
Grab a friend and we can take the two of you at your school or location of choice, we’ll take all the pics (cap and gown or whatever you’d like) and you get to keep your favorites! You and your friend can split the time and/or take pictures together for only $75. Pick your favorite 10 pictures from home via my online proofing gallery and i’ll send you those pictures editted. afterward you can choose pictures to print for 20 wallets and a 8×10 for only $10! or 2 5×7’s instead of the 8×10. if you want more pictures and more prints, just add another 10 dollars! *Add another friend for just $37.50 and they can also choose which pictures to print for $10 also! Contact me for more detailed information. Thanks!


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Raise the Roof III

The third Raise the Roof concert was held Sunday and it was the last year that i will be helping out behind the scenes.

3 years ago i brought Raise the Roof to CSULB hoping to create an event of events for my fraternity Zeta Phi Rho and helping the closest philanthropic organization in my life Gawad Kalinga. Both organizations changed my life. 4 years ago I watched a presentation by Dermot Wang and his team about getting youth involved physically and not financially to help end poverty in third world countries. GK became the flagship of world wide help, Building homes and communities like none before it. I became an avid speaker and presentor for GK and thus wanted to help in my own way. 3 Years ago I pitched the idea of a benefit concert to create awareness of this organization and the poverty out there, Zeta Phi Rho loved it, and our sponsoring organization, Associated Students Inc of CSULB hopped on. Backed by the funding of the school senate and board of control which I actually sat on, the manpower of the Zetas from Long Beach, the motivation of the unrivaled dedication of the volunteers of GK, and the passion we all had for creating this event, we banded together to create Raise the Roof, a concert which had over 2000 attendees in the last 3 years, with performances by various artists from Passion, Gabe Bondoc, AJ Rafael, Cathy Nguyen, Manny Garcia, Leejay Abucayan, Randolph Permejo, Lexicationships, SPAM, Pac Modern, Movement Project who debuts their set here yearly, Colby O’Donis, Roscoe Umali, Far East Movement, DJ Class, and most recently Jokoy. The concert has blown up from what it has been and i’ve been privileged to work behind the scenes to nurture my baby till today. This is Raise the Roof III

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